WORLD MODE HOLDINGS is the one and only solution group based in Japan
with the focused services for the fashion industry.

Leveraging the comprehensive strength of the group, WORLD MODE HOLDINGS conducts businesses to support the fashion and beauty industries such as WORLD MODE ACADEMY which provides educational content specialized in the fashion and beauty industries, surveys by CS improvement cloud “SEEP” and proposal of solutions for improving store performance, M&A BUSINESS that connects companies to preserve valuable business, and BEAUTY BUSINESS supporting the beuaty business.



  • Contributing to solve difficulties in recruitment, training and deployment
    of professionals

    iDA brings WORKING DREAM® a reality for all people and enterprises operating in the fashion industry. With "professionalism", "country-wide network" and "competence in training", iDA offers a wide range of solutions covering manpower referral and outsourcing, recruitment support, on-line platform for mid-career and new graduate job placements (MyBRANDS), human resources development, new store opening consultation and store operations services.

  • Consulting on human resource development and retail success

    BRUSH provide one-stop services ranging from store operation consulting and on-the-job training (provision of methods such as store metrics management, client management, staff development, event management, etc.) to various training (selling, management, clienteling, etc.), mystery shopping research by professional researchers, and the production of various manuals.

  • Integrated marketing based on the best of both the real and digital world

    Our deep solutions are extracted by focusing on the clients' challenges and not only depend on the power of advertisements.
    Finding an optimum combination of means:
    advertisements, SP, CRM, OEM, licensing, EC and SNS, we construct a business model that best suit the client's true nature of business and
    of the market, as well as the strengths of their brands.

  • Integrating the core issues of your business to provide innovative communication plans that are not restricted by set tools

    We aim to fully understand the issues of our client’s needs. Utilizing our unique and diverse know-how and network resources, we offer innovative corporate communication planning, not limited to set existing tools.

  • Strategy planning based on the most advanced data science

    Leveraging on the latest data science, we offer
    a mid to long term strategy for the brand. Based on in-depth analyses of data collected from various customer touch points, we deliver the customer journey data, with which a consistent strategy is planned, covering from product development to sales and promotion.

  • Offering highly qualified store operation management service all over Japan

    We manage stores of major foreign affiliated luxury brands and Japanese brands through metropolitan retail stores and outlet malls in Kanto and Kansai areas of Japan.
    FourAmbition owns know-how in trainig highly skilled professional store staffs with good customer service and skilled sales methods.

  • Designing total support
    in all Visual Merchandising services

    One of the few organizations in Japan that can support all reas of VM needs. Based on the most innovative VM methodologies, VMS provides consulting, education and development of talent. Design and production studio services with personnel recruitment with specialist skills combined ensures multifaceted solutions.

  • Highly effective support for overseas expansion of fashion and beauty brands.

    We provide full support as a business partner for fashion and beauty companies expanding overseas, mainly in the Asia Pacific region. With the latest local information and a wide range of resources, we arrange all the services necessary for overseas expansion, from establishing a local subsidiary to store management and brand management support.


Our retail clients' products range from luxury, apparel, cosmetics, sportswear, interior decorations and more.

Our clients operate in a variety of retail structures: holdings and licensed businesses, specialty store retailers, selec shopts, department stores and shopping centers.

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