Sustainability Activities of WORLD MODE HOLDINGS Group

WORLD MODE HOLDINGS declare to all our stakeholders, our intention to implement sustainability actions throughout our businesses while contributing to the society as a whole in the field of fashion, connecting consumers to organizations.

CSV (Creating Shared Value)
CSR (Cooperate Social Responsibility)

Issues related to people and human rights
Environmental issues such as climate change

Involve the entire industry on this movement
as WORLD MODE HOLDINGS team and with our clients

As the Sustainability Project team continues to lead the implementation of proactive actions, WORLD MODE HOLDINGS will charge forward to ensure the best environment for employees for their physical and mental well-being.


WORLD MODE HOLDINGS have published a report of our sustainability activities. It includes contents such as corporate events, voices of clients, and activities that are to continue at WORLD MODE HOLDINGS.


Please find 2021 report here


Below are archives of sustainability webinars launched by WORLD MODE HOLDINGS. They were open to anyone involved in the fashion industry with the focus on sales people.