“An expanded training program leads to securing human resources, I think.”

Parfums Christian Dior Japon K.K.
Ms. Kaori Noda, Retail Human Resources Manager, Sales Headquarters

-Could you tell me why you've decided to use iDA's service?

The whole LVMH group has been helped by iDA. The relationship between Parfums Christian Dior and the company has continued for almost ten years. iDA is the first staffing agency we contracted for the addition of beauty advisors. The company does business with many luxury brands, and they understand the policy direction of LVMH and Christian Dior. So, they grasp what we require in human resources. We currently contract with some other staffing agencies. But I think iDA has a firm follow-up system and is a very trustworthy company.

-What is the difference in the services compared to those of other companies?

Attendants at Dior must handle so many customers. And the expectation of customers is high. Some of the new attendants are overwhelmed and become unable to move at a counter. Therefore, we introduced “field practice in advance” last year. We have new attendants support actual tasks in a shop for one week for the experienced and one or two months for the unexperienced. If there is no problem in the field practice, we ask iDA to introduce the staff for “temp to perm” where the staff joins the company as a temporary staff and is transferred to a full-time employee after new attendant training. That raised the stability of our workforce. They have the best stability of staff among all others.

One reason for the high stability depends on the education system for temporary staff, I guess. Temporary staff registrants often have no experience as beauty advisors or in sales. The agency operates the iDA college, a unique training system where registrants can take various seminars free of charge. Regarding the cosmetics training, basic courses, such as skin care basic knowledge, make-up techniques, and the manners that new attendants shall learn, are offered. Staff from the company can take courses. So, we even asked iDA to allow staff from other agencies to take these courses at the expense of Dior.

The company has branches throughout the country, which is reliable. Last year, I was looking for a manager for a new shop opening outside the metropolitan area. It's really difficult for me to secure human resources in a rural area. Especially for manager-level staff, we have high demands. So, the recruiting is severe. But iDA found someone, which helped us greatly.

-What kind of service do you make use of with iDA PRO?

Dior has been hiring new grads since four years ago. We asked iDA PRO to perform seven days of pre-training for new employees. Actually, Dior's initial new attendant training is only seven days. If they have no experience with make-up and basic skin care knowledge, it is hard to catch up with the training.

Ms. Akemi Misumi, an instructor of iDA PRO, established the program, including various opinions from Dior's trainers. We heard from the new grads who took the seminar, “I couldn't have caught up with the new attendant training without the pre-training.” The program is being brushed up every year, reflecting the previous year's participants' remarks. Thanks to the seminar, non-experienced new attendants can take Dior's initial training without feeling inferior or awkward due to not having studied at a cosmetology school. We will let all new grads take the pre-training by iDA PRO next year.

-What kind of service would you expect in the future?

After transferring to an employee of Dior, we offer clear and various career plans such as becoming a specialist with an internal certificate, enhancing one's specialty or becoming a manager. Staff who have completed iDA PRO are expanding their activities to a wide range of areas like make-up artists, skin-care experts, fragrance experts, and managers in the cosmetics area of department stores. I hope for iDA's continued support for the introduction of as many competent staff as possible, who will be hired as employees, and that we will continue communicating with each other.

Thank goodness Dior has kept two-digit growth for several years and has continued to open new shops as well as constantly add more staff. We would like to continue giving a “prompt” response to any needs and skillfully supporting our staff.

■Data of Parfums Christian Dior Japon K.K.

Cosmetic brand of “Christian Dior,” a haute couture maison in Paris
LVMH Moét Hennessy Louis Vuitton Group
Began to use iDA's service in March 2008 and iDA PRO's service in 2014