Press release: WORLD MODE HOLDINGS Group brings to APAC full suite of capabilities for a rapidly evolving world of retail.

WORLD MODE HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as WMH; headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Shinsuke Kafuku) established a regional headquarters, WORLD MODE HOLDINGS ASIA PACIFIC (hereinafter referred to as WMH ASIA PACIFIC), in Singapore in April 2023, and integrate its overseas bases. As a group in the APAC region, WMH ASIA PACIFIC, like WMH in Japan, will strengthen its structure to provide integrated solutions and promote further business expansion centered on Asia and ASEAN countries.




WMH has six operating companies in Japan that specialize in various fields, including employment, education, training, marketing, space design, and store management. The company has been operating in Singapore since 2018.


In 2018, we expanded into Singapore to start our overseas operations. Since then, we have expanded to Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Malaysia, and currently have offices in five countries overseas. At each of our bases, we have developed our business with an emphasis on human resource services in the fashion and beauty fields. In recent years, we have expanded our overseas business areas to include education, store operation agency services, and support for corporate overseas expansion and cross-border employment opportunities. Therefore, WMH ASIA PACIFIC, the regional headquarters, was established in Singapore to integrate overseas bases and strengthen the business structure as a group in the APAC area. The name of the bases will be unified as WORLD MODE, and like WMH in Japan, WMH ASIA PACIFIC will promote its overseas business as a group that provides integrated solutions to retail issues. In the future, we aim to expand our overseas business by taking advantage of the Group’s comprehensive strengths across a wider range of areas, including the entire ASEAN region, Hong Kong, China, and the rest of Asia.


Reinforcement of Business Structure in APAC Area


Establishment of Regional Headquarters to function as a hub for overseas bases
The regional headquarters, WORLD MODE HOLDINGS ASIA PACIFIC, will integrate overseas bases (Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Vietnam) to strengthen the business structure, including the establishment of a comprehensive network and marketing strategy for the APAC region, and to strengthen the Group’s ability to respond to customer issues in the fashion and beauty fields. The new company will provide integrated solutions to customer issues in the fashion and beauty fields by leveraging the Group’s comprehensive strengths and promote future business expansion.


Location: 13 Stamford Road, Capitol Piazza #02-11, Singapore 178905


Providing solutions in the APAC region by leveraging the collective strengths of the group
We provide integrated solutions utilizing the Group’s comprehensive strengths to a wide range of business issues, such as employment and training of human resources, which are the key to business growth, updating existing businesses, and expansion of companies into Japan and other countries.


■Human Resource Services
WMH’s overseas offices have a proven track record in human resource services for the fashion and beauty industry, and will continue to focus on this area as a major focus of WMH ASIA PACIFIC. MyBRANDS,” currently offered in Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia, is used by many companies and brands as a recruiting platform specializing in the fashion and beauty industry, and will be expanded to other APAC countries in the future. By building a comprehensive database of registered candidates, we aim to match job seekers with potential employers in global areas.


■ Training
WMH ASIA PACIFIC will open MODE ACDEMY, a high-quality human resource development and training school. MODE ACDEMY offers a unique framework and curriculum that reflects the latest information in fashion, beauty, and retail. With a highly effective and broad-based approach to learning, MODE ACDEMY will train students to provide a high level of service in the fashion and beauty industry. We also support industry professionals in regularly upgrading their skills and securing ongoing employment opportunities.


■ Operations
Our expertise in store operations is based on our experience with numerous luxury brands. Visual Merchandising, which provides creative solutions that take into account all elements of the store, including brand aesthetics, functionality, marketing, and sales associates. WMH provides effective retail solutions that enhance customer experience and productivity.


■ Technology
Together with the WMH Group and its partners, we provide solutions that integrate fashion and technology, including business intelligence systems, live tech, solutions to improve customer experience and sales by incorporating digital color matching and other technologies, and business strategy proposals based on the latest data science. WMH ASIA PACIFIC will provide solutions that integrate fashion and technology.


For inquiries about WMH ASIA PACIFIC, please contact
WORLD MODE HOLDINGS International Business Department


WMH ASIA PACIFIC is a company that “contributes to the global fashion industry by leveraging the experience we have cultivated in Japan, and gives back to Japan. And we give back to Japan.”
Shinsuke Kafuku, CEO, WORLD MODE HOLDINGS Co.,Ltd.
The Asian luxury market is recovering at a rate exceeding that before the Corona disaster. With the increasing appetite for high-priced goods, luxury and other companies are entering the market, and we believe that the need for high-quality solutions to retail issues, such as training excellent sales staff and improving CX, will increase in the future. WMH will accelerate its business development in this fast-growing region to become a trusted presence in the Asian market as well as in Japan, and to expand its business globally. WMH will accelerate its business development in this fast-growing Asian region to become a trusted presence in the Asian market as well as in Japan, and to expand its business worldwide. At the same time, Japan is attracting attention as an important market that will lead Asia, and there is an urgent need for human resources to respond to the rapid recovery of inbound travel. In response to such needs, Asian human resources will work in Japan, gain experience, and return to their home countries to lead the growth of the market as specialists in customer service and sales. We hope to create such a cycle. We will also function as a bridge for the increasing number of Japanese who are seeking to gain experience in the world.


The fashion and beauty industry is changing rapidly in the APAC market, where economic growth is accelerating. By establishing a regional headquarters in Singapore, which is the business hub for many companies in the APAC region, and by overseeing our overseas offices, we are able to provide high-quality, appropriate solutions to our clients’ business challenges.
We are also a leader in human resource development in the fashion and beauty industry, offering a wide range of training to acquire specialized knowledge, technical and software skills, and other highly applicable skills. By introducing certification, we are developing a retail workforce that is responsive to market needs, while training and upskilling our retail talent to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.




A group specializing in the fashion and beauty industry, providing various solutions such as human resources, digital marketing, and store representation. 6 domestic operating companies: iDA, BRUSH, AIAD, AIAD LAB, Four Ambition, VISUAL MERCHANDISING STUDIO and five overseas offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Through the synergy of these highly specialized companies, we provide highly effective solutions to our clients’ issues.”