WORLD MODE HOLDINGS ASIA PACIFIC/ SINGAPORE :World Mode Holdings recommends entering the Singapore market

What are the advantages of expanding into Singapore for Japanese companies?

In the mature Singaporean market, Japanese products are very trusted for their innovative, smart design, usability, and durability. Japanese companies can benefit from investing in Singapore not only because of the friendly relationship between Japan and Singapore, but also because of the growing wealth and spending power of the Singaporean people, which is certain to continue to grow in the future. This has led many global companies to adopt the strategy of using Singapore as a base to expand their business to other Asian countries.


What are the advantages of WMH’s support for companies entering the Singapore market?

Continuous access to quality talent is key to long-term business success in Singapore. iDASG has a strong local network and a proven track record of success in recruiting top talent for fashion & beauty, luxury, and lifestyle brands. We have a wealth of success stories to share. We also provide new product launch promotions, pop-up store management services, temporary staffing, placement, recruiting, and job search platforms to secure human resources, training and education, and outsourcing services. We also respond quickly to demand resulting from our expansion into Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. We are also well versed in the government tax refund system, which we can take advantage of because we are a Singaporean company, and can offer cost-saving proposals.