【TOPICS】Support for the Noto Peninsula Earthquake in Reiwa 6

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to everyone affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake in Reiwa 6.

World Mode Holdings is a group that specializes in the fashion and beauty industry and provides various solutions such as human resources, digital marketing, and store agency. In our group, there are 7 companies in Japan (iDA, BRUSH, AIAD, AIAD LAB, Four Ambition, VISUAL MERCHANDISING STUDIO, Futaba Tsushinsha) and offices in 5 countries overseas (Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia), and more than 10,000 people engage in their work.
After the Noto Peninsula Earthquake, we have received voices from Japan and overseas that were concerned about the people in the affected areas and wanted to do something to support, and we decided to work together as a group to provide support.


【About our support】

World Mode Holdings will compile donations from the Head office and the Group to donate them through Japan Red Cross Society.
And, we provide specific information such as how to and where to donate that would help people to turn their thoughts of support into action.
In addition, we deliver messages received from our group members in Japan and overseas such as  wishes for the safety and recovery of those affected by the disaster, and gratitude to those who are making efforts to rescue and support through the Group’s website and social media. Currently, twe have received messages from more than 100 members, and we will continue to add more messages from time to time.

Please click the following photo to see messages.

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We hope that such actions of World Mode Holdings would be of some help to the people in the disaster-stricken areas and would help the thoughts of support that everyone engaged in the industry has in action.

We sincerely pray for the earliest possible recovery for both everyone and areas affected by this disaster.