【TOPICS】More than 400 participants from Japan and overseas gathered for the first group employee trip in five years.

WORLD MODE HOLDINGS provides solutions to clients mainly in the fashion industry through collaboration between seven operating companies in Japan and bases in five overseas countries.

For the first time in five years, a two-day employee trip was held from Friday, April 12, with more than 400 participants including employees from all over the Group and their families.

More than 400 participants including employees and their families gathered fom Japan and overseas.

During the day, enjoyed Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea, Asakusa, etc.. When meeting up, had fun togeher and took commemorative photos. It was a precious opportunity to deepen face-to-face exchanges not only with  collegues involved on a daily basis, but also with collegues who had known each other only through a screen or by message due to the Corona disaster, or who had only communicated with each other as a greeting.

After that, a “big social gathering” was held where all the participants gathered.
While enjoying the meal, everyone reflected on WORLD MODE HOLDINGS, through an introduction of the Group’s Core Values and the trivia quiz to compete in groups. Then, winners who were selected through a preliminary employee questionnnaire were awarded and applauded for their meritorious contributions to various projects and departmental collaborations etc..

All participants gathered for “Big social gathering”.

(Left) Every one reflected on the Company’s Core Values together     (Right) Award winners who were selected by group employees


The planning and management of this company trip event was carried out by a project team of employees from  Group companies. They took time out of their work to ensure that colleagues engaged in their respective jobs in different countries and areas of expertise could enjoy themselves to the fullest.

The bonds between group employees have become even stronger, and we could make precious memories together.