Press release: iDA will launch a new service “STAFF SWITCH” in spring 2023.

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English translation is below.

iDA will launch a new service “STAFF SWITCH” in spring 2023. It supports store staffs to post easily their photos of item coordination to EC, SNS. In advance of this launch, iDA prepares a free monitor campaign limited to 3 companies. Please try at this opportunity to study as your new service.

・Link with EC site to make introduction easy.
At posting, a brand page, coordination page and staff page are automatically generated. They guide users to EC site from the items in coordination page and TOP banner.

By posting photos of coordination, you can convey feeling of wearing or use to users in an easy-to-understand manner, and expect increase of EC site sales such as CVR improvement or rate of selling in set. In case that a link to staff page is attached in personal SNS account, you can use it as a tool to guide consumers to EC as well.

Since the coordination site is launched with a separate browser, there is no need to connect the company’s EC site with a large-scale system. Costs of introduction are reduced, and you can start smoothly.

・ Motivate sales staffs by visualizing results
Visualize amount and number of sales, number of customers. The manager can analyze the results of each staff member in detail such as ranking. It makes possible to introduce systems for motivating sales staff, such as a system to return some percentage of sales to staff or to provide incentives to staffs at top ranking.

・Free monitor campaign limited to 3 companies!
Please try this opportunity to consider introduction of coordinating contents to EC site, to raise productivity of staffs, or to study as your new service.

【Contact for Staff switch service and monitor campaign】
iDA BP division /Online customer service
Masaki Nakamura