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FB serial small lessons


Sales is the work to sell happiness ①

“People who create grat value.”

by BRUSH chairman Eiko Akiyama

There are various motivations for choosing a job of sales.
Because I like clothes… Because I was interested in customer service…
In my case, I chose the job of sales because I have loved fashion since my teenager. Since then, for fifty years, I have been consistently working in sales and fashion field in a different position such as staff, store manager, regional director, and now support of people involved in sales.
Nowadays, there are not a few people that think a job of sales as a passing point to eventually become another profession. I want to say to such a people, “It is not so!”.
I’ve been running for more than 50 years, but instead of getting tired, my passion is only growing.
Every time I face the job of sales head-on, I realize that it is very profound and rewarding.
The feeling of satisfaction felt through communication with customers to “deliver happiness”. The joy to have achieved a large budget in collaboration with team members. Although it is hard to do, when you have done, you could find happiness like no other. Only who have experienced may know it. I believe that personal growth through work and a rich mind as a person are also gifts of this work.
Sales is a creative job that allows you to use your free imagination and requires independence. Although it is very delicate and difficult, the more you do, the more interesting it becomes. Sales is a job worth to devote your life.
However, you need to learn. Product knowledge, communication skills… Human power is also necessary.
I want everyone involved in sales to become extremely “unique”.A person who is asked “because it is you”. If you become so, the scenery you see should be different. The job of sales prepares the stage for you to become a “great value creator.”

Eiko Akiyama:
Akiyama has worked as store manage and regional director of various luxury brands such as Celine, Giorgio Armani, Prada and Tiffany & Co. She has a reputation for methods that lead to business success, and is constantly requested for lectures, training, and consulting.