Press release: VMS Launches a new project “Recycling-Oriented Store” to reduce CO2 Emissions In collaboration with Monofactory.

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※English translation is below.

VISUAL MERCHANDISING STUDIO (VMS), that provides all kinds of solutions in the Visual Merchandising (VM) domain from consulting to construction, has launched a new project “recycling-oriented store” in collaboration with Monofactory and Nakadai.

・Background of the service development

Among the SDGs issues, as a measure against climate change, the movement toward decarbonization is accelerating globally, and companies are required to disclose not only financial information but also climate-related financial information. In the future, SMEs such as manufacturers that have business with large companies in the supply chain will be required to visualize their CO2 emissions and to take measures for reducing them. Especially in the fashion industry, since physical stores play a role in branding, store facilities are frequently revised and abolished, such as setting up pop-up stores and reorganizing displays every season, and a large amount of waste is regarded as a problem.

・Business to develop a recycling-oriented store that coexists with the global environment.

Considering this social background, VMS collaborates with Monofactory and provides services to realize “recycling-oriented store”. This service will contribute to reduce CO2 emissions by minimizing waste, while properly conveying the message of the store.
VMS has been engaged in everything from planning to construction of designs that combine sustainable action and beauty under the theme of “circulation and succession.” Through this collaboration, Monofactory’s know-how, which provides consulting on the construction of society based on recycling, Nakadai’s technology to recycle industrial waste maintaining reuse and recycling rate of 99%, and VMS’s design and construction technique are fused to realize an integrated “recycling-oriented store” from planning and material selection to material production, procurement, construction, dismantling, and recycling.

・About Monofactory

Monofactory is a company of Nakadai Group, a long-established company in the recycling business, and provides consulting services. They store, sort and dismantle collected products, and support client companies to reduce corporate waste such as operating “remarketing center” to visualize, analyze and make proposals for reducing environmental impact, and reducing CO2 emissions. In the service of “recycling-oriented store”, Monofactory supports the selection of materials in store development, recycles them and reports.

 【Collaboration with WORLD MODE HOLDINGS for reuse and recycle after a pop-up store】

Prior to the launch of this service, WORLD MODE HOLDINGS and Monofactory collaborated on waste recycling after the pop-up store of a global fashion brand. As a result of the sorting process that prioritized reuse and recycling, a recycling rate of 52.5% was achieved compared to 0.6% (estimated*) with the conventional method.
*Estimated value by Nakadai based on the results of sorting process.

By providing consistent support not only of disposal but also from material selection, further improvement of recycling rate and reduction of CO2 emissions can be realized in the future.


A group company of WORLD MODE HOLDINGS established in 2019. VMS provides all kind of solutions in the Visual Merchandising (VM) domain, from consulting to construction, original fixture development, and training. As a creator, VMS is always conscious of “circulation and succession” and actively engaged to realize visual merchandising tailored to the sustainable actions of partner companies as well.

・Contact for recycling-oriented store:

This project is a part of the initiatives of WORLD MODE HOLDINGS for sustainability of the fashion industry. WORLD MODE HOLDINGS will promote various business and activities to realize its mission“ to contribute to sustainable actions of the fashion industry in leveraging the strengths as a group, at the standpoint connecting companies and consumers.”

【About World Mode Holdings (WORLD MODE HOLDINGS)

A group of companies such as human resources, digital marketing, and store agency specializing in the fashion and beauty industry. Having six domestic operating companies (iDA, BRUSH, AIAD, AIAD LAB, Four Ambitions, Visual Merchandising Studio) and four overseas bases (Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam), with the synergy of these highly specialized companies, WORLD MODE HOLDINGS provides various effective solutions according to issues of customers. WORLD MODE HOLDINGS is also developing activities to promote the sustainability of the fashion industry.