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FB serial small lessons

Sales is the work to sell happiness ②

“Think from the customer-centric point of view”

by BRUSH chairman Eiko Akiyama

The starting point of service is to think from the customer-centric point of view. “How is it for our customers?” Do the best for the customers in front of you with a hospitality mindset.

I think the reason why I could have many customers of different generations (parents, children, grandchildren) is because I realized the importance of this “customer-centric point of view” early on. When I worked for CELINE in 1980s-90s, it didn’t yet have the brand equity as it is now and couldn’t be beyond other high-status brands at the same floor. What can we do for our brand to be chosen among competitors? Display, position of staff, product knowledge… Walking the route from entrance to our store, I observed around to know “What customers look before arriving”, the viewpoint of customers. And I also learned earnestly to find how I should be. I spent days of truly “thinking from the customer-centric point of view”.

There are two important missions of salesperson; 1. Raise the value of CX (customer experience)  2. Achieve the targets of sales. The priority of these missions is very important. The first is to raise the value of CX. When we could provide really satisfying customer experience, it naturally leads to sales. Put customer first, and sales come with it. Especially after the pandemic, the value of customer service has been reviewed, and now there are needs for the service to be closer to customers. “I want to buy from that person at that store”. Without providing service that touches in the heart of customers, it is difficult to survive as a salesperson. You should focus on making a great proposal that overturns the value of client in your front.

This is not only for physical stores. Since the start of the Corona disaster, DX has progressed rapidly in the apparel industry. In addition to EC site, sales channels such as live commerce and online customer service are diversifying. It makes customer service even more difficult. Since customers visit after researching, they don’t need conventional explanations. It is necessary to have a sense to instantly identify customer trends and flexibility to recommend accurate items. This can be achieved only with thinking from the customer-centric point of view.

Every day works such as cleaning, display, organizing stock… They are starting points of the “customer-centric”. All of things related to the store is for the customer.