Press Release: iDA distributes “The sheet of 100 EC Tools compared by category” free of charge for person in charge of EC business.

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After the Corona disaster, E-Commerce use of consumers has become more and more widespread. Many apparel companies have positioned EC as an important sales channel as well as their stores, and each company is rapidly strengthening it.

iDA has listed EC tools in 25 categories (7 large and 18 medium categories) and summarizes them in a sheet that can be used by person in charge of EC business in apparel companies to  compare and consider system for its introduction.

■7 Large Category
Customer attraction / Customer service / Site optimization / Analysis / Customer tracking (CRM) / Site management / Others.

■18 Medium Category
Casting / SEO measures / Web advertising (attracting customers) / Web customer service / Chat / Content management and Sales promotion / EFO / Site search / FAQ / Website  multilingualization / Recommendation engine / Others (site optimization) / Web advertising (analysis)  / Analysis / CRM management / Site construction and CMS / Questionnaire form / Human resources

 ” The sheet of 100 EC Tools compared by category”,
link for distribution free of charge:

* Thank you for understanding that we would not distribute this sheet to companies in our business category (recruiting service)


iDA online customer service

iDA distributes diverse solutions meeting issues of online customer service mainly for companies in Fashion and Beauty industries.

■ Human Resources
According to requests such as dispatching, recruiting and outsourcing, iDA proposes human resources, mainly staffs having experience in customer service and sales at store, who can work actively for online customer service (video or chat customer services, LIVE streaming, etc.) .

■Tools of Education, Training and System
Since services related to online customer service increase rapidly and change, in cooperating with companies of WORLD MODE HOLDINGS group and partner companies, iDA proposes “education and training” and introduce “optimal systems and tools” that meet needs of clients, too.

■”STAFF SWITCH”, the system for sales staff to post image of coordination
iDA developed a system that allows sales staff to post their own images of coordination on EC sites and their own SNS. By its introduction, it is expected to improve EC sales, to lead customers to physical stores, to reduce the man-hours posted by sales staff, and to raise motivation of staff by visualizing results of sales and customer number.

【Contact for online customer service】
iDA BP division /Online customer service
Masaki Nakamura