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FB serial small lessons

Sales is the work to sell happiness ⑥

“Provide enriched time and happiness”.

by BRUSH chairman Eiko Akiyama

Fashion is also a way for customers to express their “individuality.” I think that an extremely excellent salesperson could identify the individuality and propose styling bringing out the charm that the customer is not aware of. It would be wonderful if a salesperson could understand the customer’s aesthetic sense and values, and choose items that fit not only their lifestyle, but also their personality.

For a person, buying something, no matter how small, brings a happy moment.
At that time, the warm smiles and wealth of knowledge of the salesperson there will multiply the fun of shopping many times. By pursuing the best for customers and serving them wholeheartedly, salesperson can communicate with customers, and make them feel “it was a pleasant and meaningful time”. In addition, customers “have confidence, are excited in or healed” with wearing what they have purchased… Salesperson can add color to one page of life of customers . Sales is a precious job that can provide “enriched time and happiness”.

In response to the recent trends toward DX, the apparel industry has changed significantly. New systems have been introduced, sales channels have diversified, and they are intricately intersected and linked. With the evolution of digital, satisfaction with convenience and speed has greatly raised . DX has brought the physical distance between companies and customers closer to virtual. We are in an era where customers can easily get and select information themselves.

I believe that “human power” will be increasingly required of salesperson from now on, because there is no such thing as a “mind” or “hospitality mind” in technology. I find that the ability to read the atmosphere and to observe, which only humans can do, would become even more necessary, and that it would be important to keep the five senses in use.

With the benefits brought about by digital technology (rationality) alone, it is impossible to provide happiness to customers. Only with being moved with the warm heart,  the kindness and the compassion touching the heartstrings, it becomes possible to provide “enriched time and happiness”.

“Digital (logic)” and “human power (passion)”. I believe that the modern ideal business model would be completed by fully using these two seemingly contradictory factors.
“Sales is an intellectual, creative and wonderful job. I want salesperson to become a unique person and to deliver happiness to many customers!” That’s my message.