【Press release/Webinar】WORLD MODE HOLDINGS will hold a sustainability webinar for salespeople from 20:00 on Wednesday, February 8.

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WORLD MODE HOLDINGS started a free sustainability webinar for salespeople in 2020. It is to support people working for the fashion industry to deepen the understanding of sustainability and make actions. WORLD MODE HOLDINGS regularly hold webinars with guest speakers involved in the fashion industry in various positions, and each time a lot of audiences have watched them.

The third webinar “Sustainability delivered from the fashion frontline ~understanding and acting on changes in the industry after Corona era~” will be held on Wednesday, February 8, 2023.
This time, we will learn about the mindset in fashion brands changing rapidly in the post-corona era, and then think about how to respond to questions about sustainability and what kind of knowledge is required as a sales person at stores, based on case studies.
The guest is Chizuru Muko, Director of  Contents about Sustainability of WWDJAPAN. She has been covering fashion scenes around the world, and will talk about the change of thinking about sustainability in the European fashion industry before and after the pandemic.
After the live-streaming of the webinar, for applicants, we will distribute an archive streaming service in limited-period. So please don’t hesitate to apply even if you have difficulty participating on the day.


WORLD MODE HOLDINGS free webinar for salespeople
“Sustainability delivered from the fashion frontline ~understanding and acting on changes in the industry after Corona era~”

Date / Time:Wednesday, February 8, 2023 / 20:00-21:00
Capacity: 1,000 audiences
Target:Everyone who is interested in the theme, mainly salespeople working for fashion brands
Fee: Free (Zoom)
How to participate: Please apply in advance from here.
Inquiry: Sustainability Webinar Office


Chizuru Muko
Executive Officer, WWDJAPAN Editorial Director, Director of Contents about Sustainability 

After graduating from Tokyo Women’s Christian University, she joined EDWIN to serve in sales for four and a half years. After working as a reporter for Japan Textile Newspaper, she joined INFAS Publications in 2000 to mainly cover designer brands as a reporter. After serving as editor-in-chief of “Fashion News” and “WWD Japan”, she has been in her current position since April 2021. She is a member of the selection committee for the Mainichi Fashion Awards and an advisory council for the International Woolmark Prize 2020.

Ruri Mori
World Mode Holdings Co., Ltd., Staff HR

After experiencing various style of customer service, she joined World Mode Holdings. At Staff HR, which is responsible for recruitment, personnel evaluation, labor management, training, career development, and staff loyalty improvement, she is in charge of supporting salespeople, such as career development and staff loyalty improvement.

Hideki Yamauchi
World Mode Holdings Co.,Ltd. Sustainability Advisor

Currently, he is an advisor of PAL GROUP Holdings Co., Ltd., a part-time lecturer at Waseda University / Kyoto University Graduate School, and a representative of overseas brands in Japan. He worked for a trading company for about 30 years and achieved expansion to Japan of many famous overseas brands. He is familiar with sustainability, supply chain, and branding in the apparel industry.