Press release: WMH Provides Multi-Faceted Support for First Overseas Opening of “Nano Universe” from TSI.

Providing Solutions for Japan-Quality Customer Service and Customer Experience

WORLD MODE HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as WMH; headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Shinsuke Kafuku) has been contracted by TSI Inc. (herein after referred to as TSI; headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Takeshi Shimoji) to provide human resource services and store management services for the opening of TSI’s “nano universe” store in LaLaport Taichung (Taiwan). We were commissioned to provide human resource services and store management services for the opening of the “Nano Universe” store in LaLaport Taichung, Taiwan. The WMH Group, which has been involved in the overseas expansion of various brands, will provide multifaceted support for the opening of the first overseas store of “Nano Universe” by utilizing its experience and know-how.

Support for the first overseas opening of “Nano Universe”

The opening of the first overseas store of nano-universe will coincide with the opening of Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Taichung, the first LaLaport in Taiwan (pre-opening on April 27, 2023, followed by the grand opening on May 16, 2023). To support this first overseas store opening, WM Taiwan, WMH’s Taiwanese base, will provide multifaceted support, drawing on its know-how and skills in supporting overseas expansion.

Lalaport Taichung is the first Lalaport facility in Taiwan that offers a one-stop shop for a variety of uses, including merchandise sales, food and beverage, and entertainment. Taichung is also a popular residential area in Taiwan, with approximately 2.2 million people living within a 30-minute drive from the facility, and more than 45 million tourists visiting the city annually, making it a vibrant city that is expected to attract visitors from many directions.

WMH, which has a proven track record of providing solutions to TSI in Japan, has been commissioned to recruit and train personnel and operate the store on behalf of the brand in order to start the overseas expansion of a popular fashion brand in one of Taiwan’s most prominent trade areas. By placing a person in charge with experience in Taiwan at the center, negotiations and preparations with various parties proceeded smoothly. We also recruited and trained sales staff based on our experience in operating client stores and POP UP STORE operations in various locations in Taiwan. The foundation was laid to provide customers with a high level of customer service and shopping experience in Japan.

The “Nano Universe LaLaport Taichung Store” opened on the 2nd floor of the North Building, where many Japanese-affiliated apparel brands are located. The store will offer men’s and women’s wear and sundries, a wide selection of original and select items, and Nano Universe’s styling to Taiwanese customers.

WMH will continuously improve the skills of its staff and store operations in order to lead the store to provide the best possible customer experience and contribute to the success of its customers’ businesses overseas.


nano・universe LaLaport Taichung Store

Address: 2F, North Building, No. 600, Jinde Road, East Dist. 40154 Taichung City, Taiwan Business hours: 11:00-22:00 weekdays, 10:30-22:00 weekends and holidays

Official Nano Universe Taiwan Instagram:

Address: 2F, North Bldg., No. 600, Jinde Rd., East Dist. 40154 Taichung City, Taiwan Business hours: Weekdays 11:00-22:00, Weekends & Holidays 10:30-22:00


WMH’s overseas business development support

WMH provides a variety of solutions to its clients’ domestic and overseas business development, mainly in the fashion and beauty industry, WMH ASIA PACIFIC, a regional headquarters, was established in Singapore to oversee operations in five overseas countries (Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam). We have strengthened our structure to provide integrated solutions by consolidating the know-how and experience of professionals who are well versed in the markets of each base.

We provide full support for overseas expansion, from market entry, import agency, brand business operation, and management. In collaboration with local offices, we also address various issues related to overseas expansion, such as language and business customs. By eliminating the concerns of clients considering overseas expansion, we promote the growth of Japanese companies in the fast-growing APAC market and support the business development of our clients as a long-term business partner.



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