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What are the advantages of expanding overseas for Japanese companies?

Despite the Corona disaster, there are countries with significant GDP growth, such as Vietnam and Taiwan in 2020. The benefits of expanding overseas include the portfolio effect of such companies. In the post-Corona period, people will again be moving between Japan and other countries, and with Japan’s declining population problem, it is very significant for Japanese companies to expand overseas in order to continue sustainable growth. It is a great advantage for companies considering expansion to use our network of contacts in various countries and our ability to provide close assistance to brand-name companies and retail tech companies that have not yet entered the Japanese market.

We provide information on each country’s market in cooperation with local commercial facilities to support the consideration stage of expansion, and assist in setting up local partners, hiring human resources, establishing corporations, outsourcing, and so on. For offline store establishment, we provide a full range of services, including contracts with commercial facilities, store construction, and management team building. For online expansion, we provide support for e-commerce creation, operations, and digital marketing. Recently, we have received an increasing number of requests for pop-up stores as a trial before going full-scale.